MTAG has been the nation’s premiere provider of specialized financial asset servicing since 1997. MTAG has managed hundreds of thousands of assets and serviced more than $5.0 billion since inception. Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with comprehensive experience in the complex specialized financial asset servicing industry.

From years of involvement on the investor side, we understand the critical consequences of accuracy, reporting, communication and prompt follow-up. We are acutely aware of the direct impact these actions have on the return to investors which is why we approach the servicing of our clients’ assets as if they were our own.

Responsive, informed client service is vital in our industry. This is why we operate with diligence and commitment to achieve the highest level of quality service in all endeavors we undertake – and to all parties with whom we interact.



We have developed a state-of-the-art system to track portfolios of specialized financial assets from the point of acquisition to final liquidation. We maintain a dedicated staff to continually improve and update our proprietary system to better serve the investor.


We take on the procedural and repetitive part of asset management giving investors the freedom to spend their time raising capital, developing and executing acquisition strategies, and deciding on disposition options.


Throughout our management team’s combined 60+ years in the specialized financial asset space, we have witnessed successes as well as mistakes. We use this experience to steer our clients away from mistakes and onto a path toward profitability.


Throughout our years in the industry, we have developed streamlined and effective processes for managing the lifecycle of specialized financial assets. These time-tested processes allow us to perform more efficiently for our clients.


Specialized asset servicing is all we do. Because we focus all of our attention on servicing, we are able to hone our skills and expertise, assuring that we live up to our commitment to be the best service provider in the nation.


MTAG has developed robust disaster recovery systems and procedures. We invest our own capital to continually test and enhance our systems to assure that your data is safe and secure.


We are a well capitalized company with a consistent track record of no quarterly losses.


Knowing that an independent third party is acting as servicer and custodian gives your investors and lenders a higher level of confidence.


"Every lender or investor can be comfortable in the knowledge that MTAG  will protect their investments. We are ratings agency approved, SOC I Type II compliant, and an approved custodian by multiple lenders."

Jim Meeks

Chief Executive Officer